a not so fun dog adventure

So yesterday first thing we had a bit of an adventure Melissa and Annika were in the front yard doing something in the flowerbeds i was getting ready and the dog was downstairs somehow the back door popped open and Melissa called me on the phone while she was running down the street after the dog. I grabbed my shoes and took off out of the house the neighbors saw me running and picked me up, they had seen the dog and then Melissa go by, had a greyhound before so they knew the deal. so now Annika and i are in the neighbors back seat we see Melissa running down the Constitution trail and a group of people going over the berm into peoples yard trying to keep an eye on the dog. the runners tell us she crossed though the yards we took the next left to get across to that street i heard her collar jingle we stopped the car i got out and the neighbors went to circle around the front so we could box her in. just then she came around the front of the house so she the neighbors and i were on opposite sides of her. she chose to go right up to the neighbors car where they were able to get a hold of her collar. Melissa caught up to us then on foot and we all piled into the neighbors car and they brought us all home. we are all OK i am just glad she didn’t see a rabbit or anything else she wasn’t even running full out only trotting and she managed to cross 3 streets without hitting a car.


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