Memorial Day Weekend

SO we had a action packed weekend starting on Friday we had dinner at Moe's and then to the Starplex where we saw Kung Fu Panda 2, Skadoosh! sat i worked so that was not as fun. 

Then early Sunday morning we headed to St Louis walked around the botanical garden in the AM had lunch then wen to the Magic House in the afternoon (free with our membership to the Bloomington Children's Museum) then we checked in to the Drury were we had evening Snacks that turned into mostly dinner and then to the arch. we got there before dark but the line was so long it was night by the time we got up there but it was cool to see the city all lit up.  Late bedtime for Annika but then Melissa and i Finished dinner.

Monday we headed out to the Zoo and although we didn't plan to be there all day it was a great day to be at the zoo all day. we did the safari pass and not only rode the train and the merry go round we saw the see lion show and as a bonus on Memorial Day were able to pet the sting rays as well. it was a bit hot and in the afternoon a lot of the animals were not very animated but in some cases made them easier to see.

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