I was going to rant but instead I will talk about labor day weekend





So the last few weeks have been horrible with stuff breaking around the house but only melissa and I care about that so nevermind all that noise.

We had a nice “last weekend” of sumner I had to work on sat but that wasn’t a huge deal.  On sat we picked up some supplies and late morning biked to downtown normal and had a nice lunch at reggies and btw kids 12 and under eat free with regular sandwich so that was a win. Then we did some stuff at home played some board games with annika good stuff.

Then on monday we went to the paraide in bloomington it was long but good. Annika got a TON of candy (i think most will just vanish) we were there just under 2 hours 4 bands went by and some tiny cars.  After the paraide we went to the imperial buffet for lunch not only was it delicious but it was a monday so it was cheaper.

After lunch a bit of shopping and then to the state farm pool for the last day of the year  it was not cold but the wind made it a bit brisk for me but annika didn’t seem to mind. As long as I stayed in the water it was tolerable.  After getting thepool washed off a light dinner and a movie for annika. we all watched madagascar 2.

It was just a relaxing way to spend the weekend.


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